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Hello Captain! We'd like to once again welcome you to UAE Virtual - a premier Emirates simulation.
We are excited to have you us our pilot and we thank you for taking the time to browse our website.
We have provided all the required information so you can get familiar with us, our operations and goals, as well as the requirements for our members.
To make things easier, this homepage contains a short overview of the beforementioned information.

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UAE Virtual Team

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What can we offer you?

We pride ourselves in welcome all types of flight simmers. Everyone from a flight sim novice and a casual pilot to a real world captain.

Casual Pilot?

  • Low Activity Requirements
  • Awards And Achievements System
  • Easy to use systems and software

Realism is important?

  • Constantly Up-To-Date Schedules
  • Already prepared routes and flight plans
  • Regular Events and Fly-ins

Hard-core simmer?

  • A learning environment
  • Automatic PIREP Grading System
  • Detailed PIREP logging and display

State of the art, fully custom web system.

UAE Virtual is powered by a unique, fully custom, constantly in development crew system never before seen in the flight simulation community.

We have spents months developing a powerful, feature-packed and unique system for the enjoyment of our pilots.
But, we always strive for more, and the system is constantly being updated and enriched by new features.

  • Extremely easy to use
    3 clicks away from booking a flight
  • Automatic PIREP Review
    get your hours instantly
  • Point System
    Get points for each flight to help you progress through ranks
  • Detailed Flight Logging
    detailed graphs and charts to review your flight
  • Community Building Features
    Interact with other pilots through messages, comments and notifications.


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