Welcome to the UAE Virtual Standard Operating Procedure. This document has been put together for the purpose of guiding you to airline information and procedures for your daily operations. All valuable information to get informed on procedures will be found in this document. This document will be kept up to date and all pilots will be informed when update are published.

New Pilot Information

Upon successfully being accepted to UAE Virtual, the pilot will receive an email from UAE Virtual notifying the applicant of their PID (Pilot ID). At this point, the applicant will join the roster as a First Officer and have full access to all of the VA's features using their assigned PID and password created at registration.

Application Requirements

  • Must be in possession of a legal copy of FS9, FSX or P3D
  • Must be aged 15 or over
  • Must be a member of either VATSIM or IVAO
  • Ability to fly once every 30 days
  • Ability to show professionalism with the organization when conducting online operations
  • Must have reasonable level of written and spoken English

Pilot Inactivity

  • Pilot must fly at least on flight every 30 days, no expectations
  • Pilots who are inactive after the 30 day period may be removed without notice
  • We ask you to carefully consider applying if you may not fulfill these requirements
  • If you do fall inactive on our roster, an email can be sent to get the account reactivated
  • If a pilot is deleted, so too is their profile and logbook. These records are irretrievable once they are deleted


  • Only 2 manual reports are allowed per calander month
  • Time accelleration is NOT allowed and will result in automatic reject
  • There is no facility to fly Direct GPS
  • Landing rates over -600 will be automatic rejected

UAE Virtual Tracker

UAE Virtual custom made tracking system, smartCARS is avilable to all pilots which can be downloaded from the website. In order for smartCARS to function correctly, you will need to purchuse or use the free version of Peter Dowson's "FSUIPC". All pilots are required to use this program to track flight information which will be sent to the UAE Virtual Server for record keeping. We are not able to accept flgihts which have been tracked using other recording systems.

Rank Structure

Rank Image Min Hours Min Points
Second Officer 0 h 0 pts
First Officer 50 h 100 pts
Senior First Officer 250 h 500 pts
Captain 500 h 1000 pts
Check Captain 1000 h 1500 pts
Note: Transfer hours are not taken into account for rank progress.
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